Metadata and database working group

The working group is maintaining and developing the metadata schema used by the INEXDA to describe granular datasets from different countries. The schema, agreed on by all members, facilitates a comprehensive inventory of existing granular datasets conducted in the member institutions. This inventory, in turn, will foster harmonisation activities between INEXDA members, broaden metadata sharing and potentially future data sharing between institutions represented in the network, and pave the way for metadata on publicly available granular datasets to be shared with external researchers.

The Metadata schema can be downloaded here.

More information about the metadata schema and lessons learned from developing the schema can be found in this paper.

Data access working group

The working group will be concerned with unified data access procedures, best practices on granting access to data and open software solutions. To kick-off its activities the working group is organising a workshop on Facilitating Access to Microdata – Balancing Confidentiality Requirements and User.

The working group on data access released its final report in May 2020.

Modes of Data Provision Working Group

The objective of the Working Group is to identify common features and differences and assess a potential harmonization of access procedures among INEXDA members and establish best practices.

As a first step, the Working Group is launching a Survey to take stock of existing modes of data provision used by INEXDA members. In particular, the Working Group explores how data is provided to researchers from a technical to an administrative and organizational point of view.